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Blue Funnel Cruises
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Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited
The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company Limited was founded in Douglas in 1830, and has since been the Island?s main provider of passenger and freight services; linking the major ports of the northern Irish sea.
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Isle of Sark Shipping Company
The Isle of Sark Shipping Company runs a year-round passenger and freight service between Sark and the neighbouring island of Guernsey
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Liverpool & North Wales Steamship Company
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Mersey Ferries
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P&O Ferries
P&O Ferries (formerly P&O European Ferries) is a constituent company of DP World (which took over its parent company, the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) in March 2006). P&O Ferries is registered in Dover, Kent. P&O Ferries also operates a number of routes in the Irish Sea under the name P&O Irish Sea.

In 1987, the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Company purchased the ferry company, Townsend Thoresen. The operations of Townsend Thoresen were renamed P&O European Ferries with operations from Portsmouth, Dover and Hull. Following a consultation with the Competition Commission in November 1996, P&O European Ferries was split into three separate subsidiaries, P&O Portsmouth, P&O North Sea and the creation of a joint venture between P&O and the Swedish ferry company Stena to create the P&O Stena Line operations in Dover. Following the sale of Stena Line's 40% share of the Dover joint venture, the Portsmouth and North Sea operations were merged with the Dover operations to create P&O Ferries which were jointly managed from Dover. In September 2004, P&O Ferries conducted a business review that concluded with the announcement of closure of several of its long term Portsmouth based routes, leaving only the Portsmouth ? Bilbao route in operation. These closures were predominantly blamed in the expansion of Low-Cost airlines and the increasing usage of the Channel Tunnel as a faster alternative to ferry operations. (Source: Wikipedia)
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Red Funnel Steamers
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Townsend Thoresen
Townsend Thoresen was a ferry operator based in the United Kingdom. It was formed following the merger of Townsend Brothers Ferries with Thoresen Car Ferries in 1968, and was subsequently renamed P&O European Ferries in 1987.

Townsend Brothers Ferries was set up after World War II to transport cars between Dover and Calais. Their first purpose-built ro-ro passenger and vehicle ferry entered service in 1962. She was named Free Enterprise, celebrating Townsend's private-sector status, in competition with the government-run services of British Railways and SNCF on the Dover-Calais route.

Subsequent vessels entered service in 1965 (Free Enterprise II) and 1966 (Free Enterprise III). The increased fleet size enabled Townsend to begin a service from Dover to Zeebrugge from 1966. Thoresen Car Ferries began operation in 1964, with routes from Southampton to Cherbourg and Le Havre. The company was set up by the Norwegian Otto Thoresen, and the names of their original vessels Viking I and Viking II, and the subsequent Viking III and Viking IV, reflected the company's Scandinavian origins. The two companies merged in 1968, forming Townsend Thoresen. (Source: Wikipedia)
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Transeuropa Ferries
Transeuropa Shipping Lines has been operating between the two ports of Ostend and Ramsgate since 21 November 1998.

The company Transeuropa Ferries N.V. was founded on the first of June 2001.
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Ulster Imperial Line / Belfast Steamship Company
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Western Ferries
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St. Columba


Built as the St Columba in 1977 by the Aalborg yard in Denmark, the current Express Aphrodite was the last ship to be built with the distinctive Sealink UK-style funnel. The ship was specifically built for the Holyhead-Dun Laoghaire route on the Irish Sea. The ship underwent a couple of major refurbishments in British service; firstly in 1982 she was converted into a one-class ship from her original two-class configuration. This was followed by a further extensive refit in 1986 when a new lounge and restaurant (the Carte Blanche) were fitted. Then, in 1991 new owners Stena set about completely gutting a great amount of her interior not long after they took control of Sealink. She emerged renamed Stena Hibernia in honour of the traditional Holyhead steamer name Hibernia. Stena Hibernia became Stena Adventurer in 1996 with anticipation of a transfer to Dover-Calais service. The ship was sold to Agapitos Express Ferries of Greece, becoming Express Aphrodite.

Built: 1977
Owner: Sealink
Displacement: 11.690 tons
Dimensions: 129,22m x 20,6m x 4,68m
Speed: 19.5 knots
Passengers: 1700
Vehicles: 335
Shipyard: Aalborg Vaerft A/S, Denmark

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Stena Britannica


Built: 2000
Owner: Stena Lines
Displacement: 33.769 tons
Dimensions: 188,3m x 28,7m x 6,0m
Speed: 22 knots
Passengers: 452
Shipyard: Puerto Real shipyard, Spain

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Stena Sea Lynx


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Storm Clipper



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SuperSeaCat One


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The Viking



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Universal MK I


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Owner / Rederij:
Dimensions / Afmetingen:

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