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The two P1-S2-L2 ships were built for the Navy and used as Attack Transport ships.
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Three ships were laid down in 1950, designed for commercial service, but converted to troop transports before completion. The vesses are: Upshur, Barrett and Geiger.
P2-SE2-R1 (Admiral ships)
The P2-SE2-R1's were built at Bethlehem Steel in Alameda, California. These ships were intended for trans-Pacific service.
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P2-SE2-R2 (General ships)
The P2-SE2-R2's were built at Federal Shipbuilding in Kearny, New Jersey. These ships were intended for the South American service
The Admiral D. W. Taylor and the Admiral E.W. Eberle were laid down as P2-SE2-R1 type, but cancelled with the end of fighting and completed as P2-SE2-R3 type President Cleveland and President Wilson for commercial service.
The P3-S2-DL2 class contained two vessels, the Independence and the Constitution. Both vessels were operated by American Export Lines.
The only P4-S2 built was the America, built in 1938. She was the first ship of the USMC.
The only P6-S4-DS1 built was the United States, built in 1952. She was the last ship built for the USMC.

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