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Accommodation ships
Acoustic Survey Ships
Acoustic Survey Ships perform acoustic research in support of the submarine noise reduction programs.
Advanced base docks
Ammunition vessels
Auxiliary Oil Replenishment vessels
Buoy vessels
Cable layers
Cargo vessels - Coastal Transport
Cargo vessels - Colliers
Cargo vessels - Light Cargo Ships
Cargo vessels - Vehicle Cargo Ship / Roll-on/Roll-off Ship
Crane ships
Deep Submergence Support Ships
Degaussing Ships
Distilling ships
Diving support vessels
Environmental Research Vessels
Evacuation Transport vessels
Heavy Lift Ships
Hospital vessels
Hydrofoil Research vessels
Hydrographic research vessels
Major Communictions Relay Ships
Mechanized Artillery Transport Vessels
Miscellaneous Unclassified
Ocean Surveillance Ships
Repair vessels
A fleet repair ship is used for major repairs beyond the fighting ship?s own capabilities but which must be accomplished without benefit of a Navy Yard.
Repair vessels - Aircraft Repair Ships, Helicopter
Repair vessels - Landing Craft Repair Ships
Salvage Lifting Vessels
Salvage vessels
Submarine support vessels
Submersible Research Vehicles
Supply vessels - Aviation Logistic Ships
Supply vessels - Aviation stores issue ships
Supply vessels - Destroyer tenders
Supply vessels - General supply vessels
Supply vessels - Motor Torpedo Boat Tenders & Patrol Craft Tenders
Supply vessels - Seaplane Tenders
Tankers - Gasoline Tanker
Tankers - Replenishment Fleet Tankers
Technical research vessels
Tenders - Salvage Craft Tenders
Transport vessels - Troop transport ships
Tugs - Auxiliary Fleet tugs
Tugs - District Harbor Tug Large
Tugs - District Harbor Tug Medium
Tugs - District Harbor Tug Small
Tugs - District Harbor Tugs
Tugs - District Net Tender Tug
Tugs - Fleet tugs
Tugs - Harbor tugs
Tugs - Ocean fleet tugs
Tugs - Rescue Ocean Tugs
Tugs - Yard Motor Tug

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