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Amphibious Assault Ships
Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault ships are the largest amphibious ships in the world. The LHDs mission is to conduct prompt, sustained combat operations at sea, as part of the the Navy's amphibious strategy. LHDs can deliver, command and support all elements of a Marine Landing Force assault by air and amphibious craft. LHDs utilize various combinations of helicopters, Harrier II (AV-8B) Jump Jets and air cushion landing craft (LCAC) in addition to conventional landing craft and assault vehicles. LHDs can also provide command and control and aircraft facilities for sea control missions, while operating with an aircraft carrier battle group. LHDs transport and land ashore troops tanks, trucks, artillery, ammunition and supplies to support and sustain amphibious assault missions.
Amphibious Force Command Ships
Amphibious Transport Docks
LPDs perform the mission of amphibious transports, amphibious cargo ships and amphibious dock landing ships. LPDs are amphibious command and control platforms that integrate the latest in shipbuilding and warfare technologies.
Landing Ship Medium (Rocket)

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