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Battleships - Dreadnoughts
Battleships - Pre-Dreadnoughts
Battleships - Super Dreadnoughts
The arrival of Super Dreadnoughts is not as clearly identified with a single ship in the same way that the dreadnought era was initiated by HMS Dreadnought. However, it is commonly held to start with the British Orion class, and for the German navy with the K?nigs.
Cruisers - Light cruisers
Monitors - River monitors
River monitors were the strongest class of riverine warships. River monitors were used on inland waterways - rivers and lakes. Usually they had a shallow draft which was necessary for them to be able to operate, but their displacement, size and draft varied depended on where they were used. Most river monitors were lightly armoured though this varied and some carried more armour. They carried a mix of gun sizes from 3 inch (75 mm) ? 6 inch (152 mm) and machine guns. The type of vessel also overlaps with the River gunboat.

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