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\n"; echo "Here is state $state \n"; } Function Insert_Record () { global $state, $org, $email, $phone, $fax, $address1, $address2, $URL, $uid; mysql_connect("luna","maggot","fzr400dead"); $result = mysql("services","SELECT now()"); $now = mysql_result($result,0,"now()"); echo " TEST me no more you foul beast.
\n"; echo " Here is state $state\n"; echo " $org"; echo " $em"; $result = mysql("services","INSERT INTO organization (org,phone, fax, email, address_1, address_2, URL) VALUES ('$org', '$phone', '$fax', '$email', '$address1', '$address2', '$URL')"); $new_uid = mysql_insert_id(); $result = mysql("services","INSERT INTO service (uid, entry_date, service) VALUES ('$new_uid', '$now', '$sevice')"); }; /* This function displays the contact information in a form. It is used for both the create and update contact options. */ /* The main loop. Call functions based on the value of $state, which gets set via a hidden INPUT TYPE. */ switch($state) { case ""; Main_Menu(); break; case "insert"; Insert_Record(); break; } ?>