My Childhood Friend by Colleen M. Carnazza

We were among the first on the hill
Our parents were friends, they are friends still
Over the years our families grew
Three children for us, three children for you

As we grew older, we all became friends
The kind of friendship that never ends
Although some of us have moved away
Those wonderful childhood memories will forever stay

As I take a long look back in time
There are so many things that come to mind
The sleigh riding parties late into the night
The kickball games, and snowball fights

The summer block parties, remember those?
Everyone dressed in their summer clothes
The Halloween parades sure a sight
The trick or treating together later that night

The brownie and girl scout camping trips
Complete with tents that would always drip
Making smores and hunting for wood
Selling cookies throughout the neighborhood

Those sleepover nights, with the pillowfights
And scary stories on dark fall nights
And Barbies, oh no, we could never forget those
Trading dolls and all their clothes

Ringing your doorbell when I ran away from home
Your mom sending me back home, safe and warm
Walking to the bus together
In rain, snow or sun - all kinds of weather

It was around high school we began to grow apart
You loved the theatre and I went for sports
We still saw each other every day
It just seemed we did not have as much to say

We both got married and went our ways
But I still remember those childhood days
We were both blessed with children, how lucky were we?
Liam and Grace for you, Melissa and Greg for me

And then years later, one day - early fall
The Lord came to visit you, and you heard His call
He said please come with me, I have a greater plan for you
And you went with Him, as you were intended to do

And so I say to you my childhood friend
That the friendship we had will never end
It will always be there just put on hold for a while
Until the day once again, when I see your smile

The laughter in your eyes so blue
The love that is in your heart so true
I know I speak for all you knew
Maria, we will dearly miss you......