Third International Conference at Utica College of Syracuse University, Sept. 18-19, 1996

"Arthur Miller: Celebrating a Lifetime of Achievement"

Keynote Speaker: Gerald Weales, "Miller in the Fifties."

Papers Presented:
Charles A. Carpenter, "Carping about Death of a Salesman: Willy's Incongrous Suicide and Some Lesser Disparities."
Jeffrey A. Barber, "'Nobody Dast Blame This Man'" Willy Loman's Struggle for Male Identity."
Stan Kozikowski, "Miller Deconstructing Aristotle."
Brenda Murphy, "You're Next: Miller's Anti-HUAC Poster Play."
Stephen Marino, "Poetry and Politics in The Crucible."
Herb Goldstein, "The Proctors' Drive to Heal Themselves: Counterpoint and a Major Strength Against Destructiveness
                                 in The Crucible."
Jesse Kavadlo, "Marriage and Montage: A Defense of After the Fall."
Robert Feldman, "The Problem of Evil in After the Fall."
Qun Wang, "Arthur Miller and the Poetics of Tragedy."
Steve Centola, "All My Sons and the Paradox of Denial."
Paula Langteau, "Deadly Self-Deception: The Bigotry of Arthur Kroll in Clara."
Jane Dominik, "A Specific 'Common' Man: Arthur Miller's Tragedy of the Working Class."
Susan C. W. Abbotson, "Issues of Identity in Broken Glass: A Humanist's Response to a Postmodern World."
Jeanne Johnsey, "Marilyn through Broken Glass: Sylvia Gellburg as a Vindication of Miller's Chaotic Female Protagonists."
Kim Cook, "Self-Preservation in Arthur Miller's Holocaust Dramas."

Participants also attended showings of the movies Hollywood on Trial and  The Front.