Fourth International Conference at Millersville University, March 13-14, 1998

"Arthur Miller's Dramatic Theory and Strategy."

Keynote Speaker:  Matthew Roudané.

Papers Presented:
Fred Ribkoff, "Shame, Guilt, Empathy, and the Search for Identity in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman."
Gerald Lee Ratliff, "The 'Tragic Fallacy' of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman."
Lucia Cherciu, "The Failure of Simulation and the Economics of Gender in Death of a Salesman."
Janet Balakian, "'Are You Now, Or Have You Ever Been Guilty?': Dramatic Form and the Problem of Power, Guilt and
                                Vengeance in The Crucible."
Kim Cook, "'Raising up a Whore': The Dramatic Construction of Abigail Williams."
George Castellitto, "Demirep or Pre-Modern Woman: Abigail Williams in 1953 and 1996."
Robert Shulman, "Left Politics in Death of a Salesman: From Waiting for Lefty to Death of a Salesman."
Stephen Marino, "The Destruction of Myth in A View from the Bridge."
Jane Dominik, "Dramatic and Symbolic Uses of Settings and Properties in Arthur Miller's Drama."
Thomas Porter, "The Outside in The Archbishop's Ceiling."
Susan C. W. Abbotson, "A Whimsical Dramatic Exercise or Serious Social Drama: Responsibility and Connection in
                                        Elegy for a Lady."
Steve Centola, "Reflections of the Mind: Arthur Miller's Dramatic Strategy in Two-Way Mirror."
Katherine Egerton, "The Lunatic's Ball: Redemption and the Aesthetics of Mental Illness in The LastYankee."
Terry Otten, "Coming to Roost Again: Tragic Rhythm in Arthur Miller's Broken Glass."
Michelle Sampson, "Ethics, Anti-Semitism, and Tragedy in Arthur Miller's Broken Glass."