Sixth International Conference at Felician College, NJ, October 12-13, 2001

Keynote Speaker: Steven Centola.

Papers Presented:
Stephen Marino, "Territoriality in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge."
Brenda Murphy, "Hannah Arendt, Julia Kristeva, and Arthure Miller: Forgiveness and Promise in After the Fall."
M. Jill Euclide, "Narrative Truth in A View from the Bridge."
Jane K. Dominik, "Aging in Miller's Drama."
Susan C. W. Abbotson, "Miller's Children: Jane's Blanket and the Art of Parenting."
Kevin Beary, "Birth of a Farmhand: Jewish-Gentile Contrasts in Death of a Salesman."
Robert McParland, "Arthur Miller: Bridge to the Ancient Greek Theater."
Mark Clendaniel, "Comfort in Distance: Elegy for a Lady."
Michelle Cirulli, "The Search for Definition in Mr. Peter's Connections."
Terry Otten, "'Clara': A One-Act Tragedy in the Shadow of Post-Modernism."
Lew Livesay, "Accuser Becomes Scapegoat: Irony at the Heart of Hatred in Arthur Miller's Focus and Broken Glass."
Terry McAteer, "Cinematic Text versus Dramatic Text in Arthur Miller and Nicholas Hynter's The Crucible."
Robert Combs, "Internalizing Terror: Reflections of Arthur Miller's Broken Glass in Pinter and Williams."
Herbert Goldstein, "Arthur Miller's The Price and William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice."

There was also a panel of short papers presented by senior students attending St. Francis Prep: Nicole Ferraro, Addie Martino, David Doerrer, Nina Kalinkos, Christine Gottleib, Patricia Mincone, Kenneth Feeley, Rheanna Tsakonas, and Jennifer Park.

Participants also attended a performance of The Creation of the World and Other Business at the Theatre at Riverside Church.

Steve Centola giving his keynote address at Felician College Terry Otten giving a paper at Felician College,  Seated (l to r) are Mark Clendaniel, Michelle Cirulli, Lew Livesay, and George Castellitto (panel chair and  conference organizer)