Seventh International Conference at San Joaquin Delta College, CA, March 7-9, 2002

"Arthur Miller, The Mirror of Modernity: The Universal Impact of an American Playwright"

Keynote Speaker: Christopher Bigsby, "Arthur Miller as a Jewish Writer"

Papers Presented:
Carlos Campo, "Cornering Hope: Quentin as Sisphean Hero."
Stephen Marino, "Language and Metaphor in After the Fall."
Jane Dominik, "Before and After the Fall: A View of Arthur Miller's Drama."
Matthew Roudané, "Arthur Miller and the Modern Stage."
Lew Livesay, "The Retrospective Future in Miller's Later Works."
Rick Tharp, "Arthur Miller's Commercial Radio Work, 1941-1947."
J. Chris Westgate, "The Semiotics of Salem: Witches, 'the Old Boy,' and Giles Corey in The Crucible."
Leslie Edman, "'I want Swiss cheese': Resistance to Change in Arthur Miller's Drama."
Stan Kozikowski, "Death of a Salesman and Hamlet Once Again."
Ryan Poll, "'And what's the cure?': The Ethical Importance of Neighbors in Arthur Miller's Work."
Susanna Rodriguez, "Ther'mom'meter: Mothers as Reflections of Their Families in Arthur Miller's Drama."
Karen Wilson, "Linda Loman: Miller's Yiddishe Mama."
Bruce Gilman, "'Attention must be paid': The Postmodern Fate of Willy Loman."
Samuel Bernstein, "The Motif of Boasting in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman."
Martha Rice, "More To Be Censored Than Pitied: Willy Loman, the Passive-Aggressive Male Prototype."

Participants also attended a staged reading from The Price, scenes performed from A View From the Bridge, Death of a Salesman, and All My Sons, and a college production of After the Fall.