Eighth International Conference at Nicolet College, Rhinelander, Wisconsin, October 3-4, 2003.

"Miller and Middle America"

Keynote Speaker: Christopher Bigsby: "Listening to America"

Chrsitopher Bigsby, Keynote Speaker. 
Photograph by Sarah Marquardt 
Paula Langteau, the Conference Director. 
Photograph by Sarah Marquardt 

Panels presented:
The American Ideal: Cracks Beneath the Surface
Stephen Marino: "Physician Heal Thyself: Arthur Millerís Portrayal of Doctors"
Carlos Campo: "Miller, Marriage, and Middle America: An Uneasy Embrace"
Katherine L. Basham: "'Faith-in-Life' in Three Arthur Miller Plays and in His Non-Fiction Prose"
American Realities: Memory, Perceptions and Posturing
Ashis Sengupta: "The Late Plays of Arthur Miller: Problematizing the Real"
Susan C.W. Abbotson: "The Dangers of Memory in Arthur Millerís 'I Canít Remember Anything'"
Paula Langteau: "A Lethal Legacy of Liberal Posturing in Arthur Millerís 'Clara'"
American Landscapes: Urban and Rural in Word and Image
George Castellitto: "Arthur Miller and the Language of Middle America"
William Smith: "Figuring our Past and Present in Wood: Wood Imagery in Arthur Millerís The Crucible and Death of a Salesman"
William Smith:  "Damn Yankee! Leroy Hamilton Crafts Wood with Passion and Honesty, But Who in Modern America Cares?"
Miller and the American Historical Experience
Lew Livesay: "Hegemony, Hatred, and the Scapegoat Mechanism in The Crucible and Playing for Time"
Frank Bergmann: "'Somewhere down deep where the sources are': Traces of the Snyder/Gray Murder Trial of 1927 in Death of a Salesman?"
Kimberley Jenkins: "Discussing A View from the Bridge and Arthur Miller in a Post-9/11 World"
Middle American Repression of Select Miller Women
Nicole Whitman: "Linda Loman: Reading Between the Lines"
A Student Roundtable Discussion on women in Death of a Salesman and The Crucible, moderated by  Katharine MacKenzie of Cooper School, with Nicolet College Students: Kristin Bassett, Christy Biermier, Trish Goverville, Shandra Hubertus, Mary Kay Mullins, Melissa Schallock, & Martha Walentowski

The Student Roundtable Discussion Carlos Campo presenting a paper
Photograph by Sarah Marquardt 

Closing Address by Steven R. Centola: "Arthur Miller: Guardian of the Dream of America"

Other Activities: Participants also attended a preview performance of The Last Yankee, performed by the Nicolet Players, and a talk-back session with director and cast following the playThe short film The Reason Why was also shown.

Meeting of the Arthur Miller Society at Rhinelander, Wisconsin Society Officers at Wisconsin in front of a Rhinelander "Hodag"