The Jake Walk Blues
The Allen Brothers

recorded May 5, 1930
Memphis, Tennessee

It is estimated that the original release
of this song sold at least 20,000 copies.

I can't eat, I can't talk
Been drinkin' mean jake, Lord, now can't
Ain't got nothin' now to lose
Cause I'm a jake walkin' papa with the
jake walk blues.

Listen here papa, can't you see
You can't drink jake, and get along
with me
You're a jake walkin' papa with the
jake walk blues
I'm a red hot mama that you can't afford
to lose.

Listen here daddy, while I tell you once
If you're gonna drink jake don't you
knock at my door
Listen here mama have to call your hand
I'm a jake walkin' papa from jake walk

I'm not good lookin' and I'm not low down
I'm a jake walkin' papa just hangin'
around Now I've made this song and it may not
rhyme But I'm a jake walkin' papa just havin' a
good time.

My daddy was a gambler and a drunkard
If he was living today h'ed have the jake
walk too
When I die you can have my hand
Gonna take a bottle of jake to the
promised land.

Now I'm feelin' kinda drunk,
Be a wearin' jake socks after
You know they call them iron
You know, I bet you don't know
one from the other,
brother, which is the other?

  Jakeleg Syndrome