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The Jake Leg in Song

Below are the 13 known titles, artists, and dates of recording of
songs that reflect the presence or impact of the jake leg effect.

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Jake Bottle Blues
Lemuel Turner, 1928

Jake Walk Blues
Allen Brothers, 1930

Jake Leg Wobble
Ray Brothers, 1930
instrumental piece

Jake Leg Blues
Byrd Moore, 1930

Got The Jake Leg Too
Ray Brothers, 1930

Jake Leg Rag
Narmour and Smith, 1930

Alcohol and Jake Blues
Tommy Johnson, 1930

Jake Liquor Blues
Ishman Bracey, 1930

Jake Leg Blues
Mississippi Sheiks, 1930

Jake Leg Blues
Daddy Stovepipe and Mississippi Sarah, 1930

Jake Walk Papa
Asa Martin, 1933

Jake Leg Blues
Willie Lofton, 1934

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