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Makin' good moonshine is quite an art. It takes lots of time and practice before one can whip up a good batch that sells. Throughout history, there have been many ways of making moonshine. Some folks would add a special ingredient or perform a certain method during the distilling period to make their moonshine taste distinct. Check out this basic recipe for moonshine:

moonshine recipe

Moonshiners and bootleggers have "code words" they use to talk to one another about the business. This secret language was used to protect them from the law. It is essential to get in on their lingo in order to understand the moonshine culture.

moonshine basics

A Wilkes County copper moonshine still

A Wilkes County copper moonshine still
Courtesy of Applachian Cultural Museum
Applachian State University
Boone, North Carolina

  by Asa Martin
phonographOld Mountain Dew
  by Lunsford
phonographKentucky Moonshine
  by George Tucker

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