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Instructional Technology @ Indiana University (USA)

Dissertation Activity and MPACT Scores (click table headings to sort)

- Name A C A+C G T TA TD W
1.Susan C. Herring63916066
2.Thomas M. Schwen44814044
3.Elizabeth Boling16711011
4.Theodore Frick14511011
5.Curtis J Bonk23512022
6.Ivor Davies03300000
7.Timothy T. Baldwin02200000
8.Joanne Peng01100000
9.Nelson H Goud01100000

Dissertations Conferred

Dissertations by Year:

1. Richard M. Justice (2005) ---------------------------------- Incomplete - Not_Inspected
2. Kyong-Lee Kim (2005) ---------------------------------- Incomplete - Not_Inspected
3. David M. Williamson (2005) ---------------------------------- Incomplete - Not_Inspected