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Dissertation Information for Berthe Boudreau

- Berthe Boudreau

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1982)

- George Whitbeck

- Josefa B. Abrera
- Margaret R. Sheviak
- Eva Kiewitt
- Michael Molenda

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Abstract: The importance of well organized curriculum materials centers in teacher education institutions has been stressed by teachers associations and educators. No study has been made in Canada regarding the status and services of those centers. The purpose of this study was to describe the curriculum materials centers in Canadian teacher education institutions and to identify the factors which might have a relationship with the importance attributed to the services by the directors, staff, and faculty.

Questionnaires concerning the description of the curriculum materials centers were sent to the directors of the thirty-one curriculum materials centers identified. The last section of the questionnaire concerned thirty-four services which were or could be offered and their importance. This section on services was sent to all the staff members of the centers and to selected faculty members of these institutions.

The findings revealed that the organization of curriculum materials centers in Canadian teacher education institutions is similar in many respects to the state of the art as revealed by a survey of the literature. Furthermore, the factors pertaining to the administration of the centers, their personnel, the accessibility of the materials, and the collection, do not seem to be related to the importance of the services as perceived by directors, staff, and faculty.

The findings also illustrate that the majority of the directors, staff, and faculty members perceived the utilization, publicity, and acquisition services as very important. However, the faculty members seemed to be unfamiliar with many of the services offered by the centers.

It is recommended that the schools of education endeavor to coordinate all their services pertaining to curriculum materials by centralizing these services in the same facility. The discrepancies noted between faculty perceptions and actual services reported suggests a gap in awareness on many campuses. This condition should motivate those responsible for curriculum materials centers to heighten efforts to inform faculty of their many services and their locations.

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