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Dissertation Information for Daniel Obaka

- Daniel Obaka

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1983)

- Stephen P. Harter

- Bernard M. Fry
- Marcy Murphy
- Ann Carmichael
- Clayton A. Shepherd

MPACT Status: Fully Complete


Abstract: The continuing growth in both the knowledge and literature of biomedical sciences and its effective utilization, have become matters of significant concern to contemporary society, especially to biomedical and information scientists. These have led to difficulties in obtaining quality research information from the sea of biomedical science literature.

The problem providing the context of this study, relates to the interactions between basic biomedical science, applied biomedical science, clinical research, and clinical practice. Investigating the existence of such interactions, the study tested among others this principal hypothesis: the number of citations made from basic biomedical science research shell by any other biomedical science research shells is significantly greater than that of other biomedical science research shells to the basic biomedical science research shell.

Using a guideline, the biomedical science journals were classified into four research shells. Out of 350 core-research journals distributed for classification, 314 were classified into the four defined biomedical science research shells. Using stratified method of sampling, 150 journals were selected for the study. An input-output citation matrix table of citations to and from the biomedical science research shells was prepared using the Journal Citation Reports. The hypothesis was tested using simple descriptive statistics and Leontief's "input-output analysis method". The study among other things revealed that: Citations flow from the basic biomedical science research shell in the direction of applied biomedical science, clinical, and clinical practice research shells, suggesting that basic biomedical science research shell provides a core of research information necessary to stimulate the growth of biomedical science and its practice. However, with the degree of interactions between the center research shell with respect to other research shells in terms of the flow of citations decreasing dramatically as one moved away from basic oriented research to practice oriented research, there seemed to be no support to the claim that basic biomedical science provide core-research information necessary for the growth of biomedical science. Also, it suggests that citation analysis may not be an adequate method to study the complex interactions existing between the various facets of the universe of scientific and technological research enterprise.

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