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Dissertation Information for Marion Paris

- Marion Paris

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1986)

- Herbert S. White

- Philip C. Chamberlain
- David Kaser
- George Whitbeck
- James M. Matarazzo

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Abstract: Since 1978, ten of the nation's accredited graduate programs of library and information science have closed. Yet it has been noted from many quarters that our society has entered an era that will give the information-handling professions new responsibilities and new prestige.

The objective of the study was twofold: to identify conditions which were related to four of the closings; and to determine the possible existence of a pattern of predisposing factors across the four programs that were examined. The case study methodology was employed to gather data about the closings of four library schools, two public and two private. University administrators who presided over each decision to close were key informants, along with executive officers and faculty of the four schools.

It was determined that the four closings resulted from decisions unique to each university's circumstances; yet common predisposing factors were identified and patterns discerned. While each closing appeared at least ostensibly to be fiscally motivated, budgetary concerns were only the impetus that set in motion the decision-making process which led to the elimination of the programs. University administrators saw no need for their institutions to operate library education programs; and library school personnel were neither able to argue convincingly for the retention of their programs nor even to demonstrate why such programs were needed. The evidence suggests that ALA accreditation does not alone guarantee the future of a library education program at a university where administrators seek to eliminate it.

The findings indicate a need for imaginative and forward-looking leadership of the library schools that remain. Increasingly, officials of those programs will be called upon to justify the reasons why their programs should continue to exist. Library school personnel must be prepared to play more active roles--intellectually and socially--in the lives of their parent institutions.

Opportunities for further research are presented.

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