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Dissertation Information for Earl Bean

- Earl Bean

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1991)

- David Kaser

- George Whitbeck
- Clinton I. Chase
- Stephen P. Harter

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Title: Response rates to questionnaires used in library science research and in selected cognate disciplines as reported in scholarly periodicals

Abstract: In academic librarianship, as in other fields, communication has been identified as an important professional activity. A search of the library literature revealed that of the studies done on this subject few have measured the degree of communication. To assess an aspect of the activity among librarians, a measure obtained from a commonly used source was employed. The questionnaire is an information gathering tool utilized throughout the social sciences; and no less so by librarians. Response rates to questionnaires were used as an index of communication. The typical rate of response was determined from a sample of studies reported in library science journals. Librarians and other professionals in library science were the two groups of primary importance in the study.

The foundation of the proposed investigation is comprised of the following related fields: (1) library science, (2) education, (3) sociology (including social work), (4) psychology (including educational and applied). They are identified as allied or cognate based on the premise that each is a practice oriented discipline, has its own theoretical base, with the common thread being the applied nature of their products.

The data were compiled from studies reported in scholarly periodicals from the five fields. The journals had to be in English, currently published in the United States and had to cover the period from January 1983 through December 1986. The analysis of the data (response rates) was conducted utilizing Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) procedures, appropriate for simultaneously comparing the means of multiple samples.

Typical response rates were found for the four above fields. In comparing these rates among the fields, it was determined that librarians do not differ significantly in their response rates to questionnaires from their professional counterparts in selected social science disciplines. That is to say that, as communication is measured by response rates to questionnaires, librarians practice that activity to about the same degree as others in the social sciences.

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