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Dissertation Information for Blaise Cronin

- Blaise Cronin

- Ph.D.

- Information Science

- The Queen's University Belfast (UK) (1983)

- William Martin
- John Martin

- None

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Title: Citation and the social process of science: An assessment of citation practice with particular reference to the journal literature of psychology

Abstract: This study is an attempt to apply a cross-disciplinary perspective to citation analysis. It draws and builds on research findings from both Information Science and contemporary Sociology of Science. The underpinning premise is that citation needs to be viewed as part of the social process of science, and as such is likely to be conditioned by factors and events which are not purely scientific in character.

A range of investigative methods is employed to throw light on the ways in which psychologists, the survey population, perceive and use citations. The findings of the study suggest that the normative view of science, when applied to citation, is not sufficiently flexible or realistic to account for variations in outlook and practice. The results also suggest that psychologists within a variety of sub-fields have, globally speaking, a similar approach to citation and a shared understanding of what citation signifies.

The study concludes that citation analysis would benefit from the application of sociological research methods, and that more could be done to encourage standardisation in authors' citation habits.

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- Khaled Al-Arfaj - Indiana University (1993)
- Hak Joon Kim - Indiana University (1998)
- L. John Old - Indiana University (2003)