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Dissertation Information for Janis Evelyn Jordan

- Janis Evelyn Jordan

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1997)

- Verna Leah Pungitore

- George Whitbeck
- Thomas E. Nisonger
- Janet Near

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: In support of learning: Mission of community college library/learning resource centers

Abstract: Information is the business of all libraries. Therefore, libraries occupy an important position in the present information age. The library/learning resource center is particularly information rich because of the many types of resources it can house and also because of the many possible configurations a center can present. Importantly, due to fast-paced technological developments and new perspectives on services rendered by libraries, management and planning are critical to libraries and relevant to all organizations operating in an information environment. A document helpful to management is the mission statement.

Succinctly, a mission statement is a document communicating an organization's purpose(s), emphases or priorities. The mission statement can be the most visible management document and it may also be the most important document for planning direction in any organization. For this study, the organization is the community college library/learning resource center.

This investigation explores the varied dimensions of mission statements, their value and uses for a purposeful sample of 63 community college library/learning resource centers in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accrediting region. Five research questions were asked, including: (1) What is the role of the mission statement? and (2) With American Library Association (ALA) Standards as guidelines, are financial resources distributed adequately to support mission?

To find answers, two methods were employed: survey research and content analysis.

One of the findings from the survey data indicated that the library/ learning resource centers' mission statements had many uses, including planning (39% rated as important), public relations (33% rated as important), evaluation (47% rated as very important) and accreditation (82% rating as very important).

Then from the content analysis, one discovery revealed that 11 different multiple mission themes were expressed in the mission statements, averaging about 100 words each.

Overall, the respondents perceived that their library/learning resource centers' missions had been fulfilled, although budget allocations, in a majority of cases, did not meet ALA Standards. Ultimately, active and effective use of mission statements needs to occur for library/learning resource center growth and development, in the support of learning for the Information Age.

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