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Dissertation Information for Aree Cheunwattana

- Aree Cheunwattana

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1998)

- Shirley A. Fitzgibbons

- Josefa B. Abrera
- Thomas E. Nisonger
- H. S. Bhola

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Information for rural development: A multiple-case study of library and information services to the rural communities in Thailand

Abstract: This study is based on the widely accepted conceptualization of "information for development" which accommodates the concepts of dissemination of adult literacy and development information for people to improve their economic and social conditions. It examines the present status of library and information services in rural communities in Thailand in relationship to information policy, information infrastructure, and information needs and use.

Five case studies were selected from the existing service structures to rural communities in Thailand: three from the public library system, each including a town center library, several learning centers and village reading centers; one mobile library under the sponsorship of a university extension program; and the last case, a combined library, from the school library system. Four months of fieldwork allowed site visits: to examine documents, archival records, and library collections; to conduct many individual and focus group interviews, as well as to schedule numerous observations. A qualitative cross-case analysis produced a rich array of themes and categories.

The mobile library and the combined library exemplify two successful and appropriate service delivery patterns for rural populations. Nevertheless, this study reflects an overall picture of an inadequate information system in these rural communities. Due to many constraints, the public libraries who are most responsible are not meeting the diversity of information needs of rural populations. Recommendations for improving and enhancing the existing services include: the organizational restructuring of the public library system, more systematic cooperation between institutions including the formation of national and regional networks; and greater community involvement and empowerment. Though the formation of information policy at the national level and the inclusion of information technology are essential to an information infrastructure, for less developed countries and rural populations, they may not be sufficient conditions for development.

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