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Dissertation Information for John Sunday Olanrewaju Ojo

- John Sunday Olanrewaju Ojo

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1980)

- Tefko Saracevic

- Conrad H. Rawski
- [Indecipherable1]
- James E. Rogers
- William M. Shaw Jr.

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Title: Information Needs and the Use of Information Systems by Medical Doctors in Nigeria

Abstract: The purposes of this exploratory study were to identify the kinds of information needed by Nigerian medical doctors, to identify the variety of information systems and channels these doctors use to find information, and to test the relationship of selected variables and the use of information systems by the doctors. Information needs were defined as those items of information consciously sought by doctors from information systems.

Three personal variables of doctors-- level of formal education, number of years of practice as a medical doctor, and level of participation in professional development activities-- and three work-setting variables-- amount of free time available to the doctors while at work, the number of available fringe benefits that provide for professional development opportunities, and number of available in-service education programs-- were tested for relationship to the use of information systems. Three medical library variables-- location close to the main health institution buildings, number of adult personnel, and the number of services provided by the medical library for the doctor were tested for relationship to the use of the medical library by doctors.

Personal interviews were conducted with 68 doctors in four Nigerian hospitals and a medical research institute. Health Institution and Medical Library Data Forms were completed during visits to the health institutions.

The following general conclusions can be made on the basis of the exploratory study:

1. Nigerian doctors use a variety of information to perform various responsibilities.

2. Nigerian doctors use a variety of information systems and channels to find information

3. The formal information system and document channels are used most frequently by Nigerian doctors to find information.

4. Doctors who have higher degrees, longer years of experience and whose participation level in professional development activities are high, tend to be formal information system users.

5. Doctors who have longer free time at work are informal information system users.

6. Doctors who work in health institutions where the fringe benefits and the in-service education programs available to them are many, tend to be formal information system users.

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