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Dissertation Information for Alice Gertzog

- Alice Gertzog

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1989)

- Ralph Blasingame

- Bernard Goldstein
- Nicholas Belkin
- Stanley Deetz

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Title: An investigation into the relationship between the structure of leadership and the social structure of the library profession

Abstract: This study investigated the relationship between the structure of emergent leadership and the social structure of the library profession. Lists of perceived leaders resulting from two surveys administered to a universe of titular heads of libraries and library-related institutions and to senior library educators were used to infer the field's current locus of leadership, its degree of integration and its current definition of leadership. Leader backgrounds and careers were explored to determine whether a limited set of social resources and professional activities are necessary conditions of leadership.

Nominators most often named as perceived leaders members of their own institutional subfields. However, field-wide leaders most frequently emerged from a category labeled "other"--a category designed to include those whose current institutional affiliation remained undescribed by the traditional library subfield classifications: "public," "academic," "special," "school," and "library educator." Among the "other" category field-wide leaders are library association executives, consortium directors, journal editors and administrators of the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library. Additional field-wide members were found in the ranks of "library educators" and "academic" librarians.

Some field-wide integration was indicated by the nomination of two perceived leaders, both associated with administrative headship of the American Library Association, by a requisite portion of the six library subfields. An "Index of Integration" suggested that among library subfields "library educators," "academic" librarians and members of the "other" category most often shared their perceptions of who was currently providing leadership.

Choices made from a checklist of reasons revealed that respondents most frequently selected perceived leaders for their "contribution of ideas" and for their "institutional affiliations," and least often for their "innovations" and "personal characteristics." Analysis of nominators' volunteered comments suggested personal traits as more salient to leadership than previously indicated by responses to the checklist.

Perceived leaders participated actively in professional associations, published frequently in the popular professional press, and held high institutional or organizational positions. No particular conditions of birth or class appeared requisite to leadership. Two subsets of field-wide leaders were identified. Members of one contingent were associated with a particular institution, organization, innovation or problem. The second group were named for their "contribution of ideas" and for their "research/writing" and act as commentators and interpreters, writing or speaking on issues of prevailing interest to the library community.

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