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Dissertation Information for Linda Shatzer

- Linda Shatzer

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1995)

- Richard W. Budd

- [Indecipherable1]
- Linda Lederman
- Daniel O'Connor

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Title: Teletraining: A comparison of two approaches

Abstract: This study compares the use of two modes of "teletraining" in a corporate environment: the telephone and the telephone plus the computer. Since new technologies are being introduced to replace traditional corporate classroom training, implementation of these technologies often occur without considering their impact on the learning process.

Four sessions of training were conducted: two which will be called "audio-only" and the other two "audio-graphic." The "audio-only" used the telephone. The "audio-graphic" used the telephone plus computer. In each session three variables--achievement, satisfaction and amount of interaction were measured. Based upon Paivio's theory of dual channel coding, greater achievement for the audio-graphic sessions was predicted. In addition, based upon the Flanders' Interaction Analysis model, greater achievement from more interaction was predicted in the audio-graphic setting. Pre-tests, immediate post-tests, as well as a delayed post-test given four weeks after course completion were administered to both treatment groups. A post-seminar questionnaire was administered in all of the sessions to measure satisfaction. Audio-tapes were made and transcribed for application of the Flanders Interaction Analysis model. An interview was also conducted with the instructor who taught all four classes.

This study found that the group receiving audio-graphic training produced statistically significant higher satisfaction scores between pre-test and post-test sessions. However, there was no difference in achievement on the post-tests in the audio-only and audio-graphic treatments. Satisfaction was statistically significant with 10% of the variance being attributed to the difference between treatments. Another finding of the study was that there were a greater number of interactions in the audio-graphic sessions rather than in the audio-only sessions.

The dissertation focuses on three recommendations for increased student achievement: (1) the changed role of the instructor; (2) an altered instructional design that incorporates the capabilities of the new media; and (3) a test design to measure visuals such as graphics on the computer screen in the audio-graphic sessions. As traditional classroom training is replaced by audio-only or audio-graphic training (also known as "teletraining"), trainers in the corporate environment will begin to apply the recommendations of this study.

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