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Dissertation Information for Steve Adubato

- Steve Adubato

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1996)

- Jorge Schement

- David Carr
- Jerry Aumente
- Cliff Zukin

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Title: Television news and the Gulf War: A study in military/media relations. Choosing sides

Abstract: The American military and the media have experienced a complex and multifaceted relationship since the Civil War. The advent of television has further complicated this sometimes adversarial, yet often symbiotic relationship. This research explores the role of television. Particularly ABC News and CNN, in shaping public opinion and public policy during the Gulf War. It also examines the relationship between the military and the television networks during this same period.

A series of in-depth interviews with "key informants" at ABC and CNN was conducted to explore such research questions as: Through their coverage, did network news organizations "legitimize" the actions and statements of the military and help "mobilize" the American public opinion during Operation Desert Storm? To what extent did network news organizations perform a "watchdog" function by sufficiently questioning or challenging the military narrative during the Gulf War? How did the underlying values of military elites at ABC and CNN influence news coverage of Desert Storm?

The research presented in this study leads to a broader discussion surrounding the complex questions regarding what can happen if the media fails to challenge or adequately question the "facts" put forth by the military (i.e., the accuracy of so-called "smart" bombs) or the White House during war time. Results show, with a few exceptions, that this did in fact happen during Operation Desert Storm. The data gathered in this study has important implications for the following: The role of the media in time of war, particularly network news, in the formulation of public opinion, the nature and quality of public discourse and, in turn, the strength of a democratic society.
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