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Dissertation Information for Joseph Waldo Coffman

- Joseph Waldo Coffman

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1985)

- William Goffman

- Sarah Scott Gibson
- Raymond Nelson
- Tefko Saracevic

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A bibliometric analysis of a selected literature dealing with the humanities from "The Dictionary of the History of Ideas"

Abstract: It has often been assumed that scholars in the humanities need larger and more varied amounts of source materials than do scientists and social scientists. This study attempts to determine if there are quantitative and structual properties which are different between the literatures of science and the literatures of the humanities.

A bibliometric analysis of a core literature reflective of the humanities was compared to a previously and similarly analyzed core literature in the sciences.

Three sections of the Dictionary of the History of Ideas (Scribner's, 1972) dealing with humanistic disciplines were selected as the core literature for bibliometric analysis. The three subject areas (1) Literature and the Arts, (2) History and Historiography, and (3) Philosophy and Religion produced 174 individual idea bibliographies which were compiled for anlaysis.

The analysis produced (1) a quantitative profile of frequency distributions for authors, journals, languages of publication, and date of publications for the humanistic diSCiplines, (2) a structural and dynamic profile of the humanistic publication patterns, (3) an interdisciplinary comparison of the subject properties and (4) a comparison of the three humanistic literatures to the previously published bibliometric analysis of three scientific literatures in Goffman and Warren's treatise Scientific Information Systems and the Principle of Selectivity (Praeger, 1980).

The conclusions drawn from the study reveal (1) the overall dispersion of resources cited by humanists is greater than that by scientists, (2) the date span and language distribution for publications in the humanities is more extensive than that for scientific literatures, (3) publication forms or types are much more varied for the humanities and (4) a high percentage of science citations are for journals while more monographs and miscellaneous publication forms are evident with the humanities literatures.

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