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Dissertation Information for Sharon Iyleen Bull

- Sharon Iyleen Bull

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Simmons College (USA) (2000)

- Jerry P. Miller

- None

MPACT Status: Incomplete - Ambiguous

Title: Managerial styles of library directors in institutions of the Council for Christian College & Universities

Abstract: This study used the Styles of Management Inventory , based on the Managerial Grid developed by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton, to determine the self-assessed managerial styles of library directors. Since little is known about small college library directors or their managerial styles, the study examined whether a predominant managerial style existed and whether institutional characteristics differentiated the managerial styles. Eighty-three library directors of member institutions of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities participated in the study by completing the Styles of Management Inventory and an institutional data questionnaire prepared by the researcher. The most frequently self-selected managerial style of this group of library directors was the Managerial Grid 1/1 Impoverished style selected by 37.8%, followed by 1/9 Country Club style selected by 35.4%. Institutional characteristics did not differentiate managerial styles. This was the first study to examine managerial styles of library directors using the Managerial Grid model.

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