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Dissertation Information for Pierrette Bergeron

- Pierrette Bergeron

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Syracuse University (USA) (1995)

- Jeffrey H. Katzer

- Murali Venkatesh
- Charles R. McClure
- Robert L. Heckman
- Thomas H. Martin
- Marta Leszlei Dosa
- Rodney J. Chesser

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Title: An examination of the perceptions and practices of information resources management in large organizations from the Canadian private sector

Abstract: This descriptive and exploratory study examined the perceptions and practices of information resources management in eight large Canadian organizations in the private sector. The research questions of the study were (1) what are the perceptions of senior management and information managers vis-a-vis the concept of IRM? (2) to what extent is IRM practiced in the selected organizations? and (3) what are the perceived factors that encourage or hinder the implementation of IRM?

This study used a qualitative case-study approach, using an interview guide as the main data collection tool, supplemented by documentary evidence. The sample was composed of eight large organizations, four from the manufacturing sector and four from the service sector. In-person interviews were conducted with 59 respondents from various information functions. Content analysis was the primary method for analyzing the data.

The results far the first research question indicated that few respondents associated IRM with a specific theory or a well-defined management concept. The overall definition of IRM was the coordinated management of the information transfer process to answer organizational and individual information needs. This perception was close to the integrative view which places the concept of IRM in the context of organizational information processing and information needs.

The results for the second research question showed that the presence of IRM indicators varied widely among the eight organizations. The most present indicator was IRM planning, while IRM organization was generally absent. None of these organizations had an IRM policy. Two organizations were more advanced in terms of IRM, but there was still a piecemeal approach to information resources management in most organizations. The results for research questions one and two indicated there was a gap between the "espoused theory" and the "theory in use".

This study identified thirteen perceived barriers and fifteen perceived facilitators to the implementation of IRM. These factors were related to information attitudes and behaviors, administrative and technological issues. Factors related to information attitudes and behaviors, and administrative issues outnumbered the technological issues. The overall results suggested that there is a need to study and present IRM from an information perspective rather than a resource control perspective.

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