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Dissertation Information for Denice Christine Adkins

- Denice Christine Adkins
- (Alias) Denice Adkins

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Arizona (USA) (2000)

- Charlie D. Hurt III

- Charles A. Seavey
- Zoe Stavri

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: The effect of Hispanic population proportion on Arizona public library services to the Spanish-speaking

Abstract: This dissertation examined the relationship between Hispanic population proportion (HPROP) and an index variable indicating the provision of library services to the Spanish-speaking in the State of Arizona (PLSS). Mailed in the summer of 1999 to 169 public library facilities, a survey collected information on libraries' provision of Spanish-speaking personnel, Spanish-language materials, and Spanish-format library services.

Regression analysis indicated that HPROP has a significant effect upon PLSS ( B = .600, p < .0001). An analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) procedure indicated that libraries in metropolitan areas were more likely than non-metropolitan libraries to provide service to Spanish-speakers ( F = 106.72, p < .0001). Another ANCOVA found that libraries closer to the Mexican border were not significantly more likely to provide PLSS than libraries farther away from the border ( F = 68.33, p > .0001); and a t-test revealed that libraries which maintained interaction with bilingual or ESL teachers were more likely to provide PLSS for Spanish-speaking children than libraries that did not interact with bilingual or ESL teachers ( t = -4.6351, p < .0001).

Conclusions reached in this dissertation are that libraries plan their services and collections based on local demographics and community needs; that rural libraries are often unable to provide PLSS, possibly due to financial constraints; and that proximity to a political boundary does not always influence libraries on one side of that boundary.

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