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Dissertation Information for Stuart Allen Sutton

- Stuart Allen Sutton
- (Alias) Stuart Sutton

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of California, Berkeley (USA) (1991)

- Michael D. Cooper

- M. E. Maron
- Thomas M. Jorde

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Managing legal information: A model of institutional memory based on user cognitive maps

Abstract: This dissertation examines the legal information resources management of the law firm as the principal function in the development of legal expertise. A model representing a high level management facility is developed through the examination of both the heuristics of legal practice and jurisprudential principles. The model employs a lexicon of entities sufficient to the description of all objects and concepts in the attorney's problem domain ranging from legal concepts and evidentiary data to the research work product on which institutional memory depends. A related lexicon of linkages necessary to the establishment and maintenance of heuristic relationships among entities is also developed. While implementation independent, the high-level schema of entities and relationships developed in the study is illustratively mapped to the relational database data structures.

The model developed provides the template for implementation of information systems which organize information in corporate institutional memory in a fashion which approximates the mental models legal practitioners have of legal information. In the course of exploring the nature of institutional memory, the study defines both the structure and developmental dynamics of attorney cognitive maps of the law, and the systemic analogues between those maps and citation networks embodied in the reported cases and in attorney research work product. The systemic analogues developed provide the framework for rendering institutional memory computational by means of similarity coefficients employing citation vectors and clustering algorithms.

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