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Dissertation Information for Joanne E. Passet

- Joanne E. Passet
- (Alias) Joanne Ellen Passet
- (Alias) Joanne Passet

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (1988)

- David Kaser

- George Whitbeck
- Herbert S. White
- James H. Madison
- Susan McEnally Jackson

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Title: Quest for a profession: The origins of library education in Indiana

Abstract: Of the eleven year-long library schools examined by the American Library Association's Committee on Library Training in 1906, only one, the Indiana Library School, had closed permanently by the time Charles C. Williamson's Carnegie Corporation report appeared in 1923. Genteel reformer Merica Evans Hoagland established a library school in Indianapolis at the Winona Technical Institute in 1905. Retrenchment at the Institute forced Hoagland to incorporate her school as a private institution in 1908, and after repeated failures to secure state funding, she closed its doors in 1912. This study investigated the origins of library education in Indiana and the circumstances that led to the establishment, and subsequent closure, of the state's first library school. It explored the administration, faculty, curriculum, and students of Hoagland's school, and considered the environment in which it developed. The study concluded that Hoagland's administration of the Indiana Library School reflected the influence of other library schools as well as her personal interest in social reform. It further concluded that, while Hoagland's administration of the school was not faultless, the primary reason for its demise was the uncongenial educational and political environment within which it was forced to operate.

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