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Dissertation Information for Valerie Florance

- Valerie Florance

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Maryland (USA) (1994)

- Gary Marchionini

- M. Delia Neuman
- Marilyn Domas White
- Kent L. Norman
- Edward J. Huth

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Clinical extracts of biomedical literature for patient-centered problem-solving

Abstract: This dissertation reports on a four-part qualitative research study whose goal was to design a new kind of online document surrogate tailored to the needs of physicians seeking biomedical literature for use in clinical problem solving. The clinical extract, designed in collaboration with three practicing physicians, combines traditional elements of the existing MEDLINE record (e.g., title, author, source, abstract) with new elements (e.g., table captions, text headings, case profiles) suggested by the physicians themselves.

The study provides insight into the ways physicians select and use articles for clinical problem solving in three ways: (1) by exploring the criteria for literature selection decisions in a patient-care context; (2) by providing examples of the ways physicians interact with articles to locate and extract information; and (3) by describing strategies that physicians use to incorporate data from articles into problem solving.

Specifications for the prototype clinical extract were developed through a set of relevance-scoring exercises. For six clinical questions, the physicians assessed the clinical aplicability of selected articles and their document surrogates, articulating relevance criteria and decision factors for their judgments. A prototype clinical extract based on their suggestions was developed, tested, evaluated and revised. The final clinical extract includes content and format aids to make the extract easy to use and useful. A unique feature of the clinical extract is the inclusion of "on demand" features, a strategy that results in an uncluttered but enriched screen design that can provide access to the entire text of an article.

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