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Dissertation Information for Hide Ikehara Inada

- Hide Ikehara Inada

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1967)

- Raymond L. Kilgour

- Wallace J. Bonk
- Anthony T. Kruzas
- Hide Shohara

MPACT Status: Fully Complete


Abstract: The purpose of this dissertation is to make a study of the achievements of early European and American Japanologists in the field of translation of Japanese works, and to discern how early the Westerners began to study the Japanese language and make translations. It consists of two parts; the general survey and the bibliography which follows it.

In the bibliography the translations are listed chronologically under the name of the translator if known and under the title of the translation if the translator is unknown. In the annotation the name of the original author and the title of the original work are given whenever they are identified. In some cases--especially in the case of earlier translations-- comments on the historical importance of the of the translation are made. However, the quality of the translation is not discussed. Indexes of original authors, original titles, translators, and subjects follow the bibliographic section.

The translations have been collected from standard bibliographies such as Pages, Wenckstern and Nachod. Later bibliographies like Borton and general studies of the early Japanese Christians and pre Meiji (1868) Japanese intercourse with Western countries have been also consulted. The bibliography does not aim to be comrpehensive but tried to include important translations with the exception of a few in Slavic and Scandinavian languages, which are excluded because of the unavailability of reference materials in Western languages. Translations of contemporary laws and regulations are also excluded because most of them were simply notices for the Westerners living in Japan. On the other hand, historical studies and translations of old codes are included. Early studies of the Japanese language, such as grammars and dictionaries, have also been included because it is assumed that they were of importance to the work of translators. The titles listed in the bibliography were actually examined by the author, with the exception of the very early language books and few others, in which case later reprints or more than one detailed bibliographic description were examined.

The general survey consists of three chapters. The first chapter is a brief account of Japanese Western intercourse-- from the time of the Western discovery of Japan and the introduction of Christianity and early missionary activities through the period of Japanese seclusion to the opening of the new era in 1868. The second chapter is a historical study of Japanese translations based on the titles listed in the bibliography. It identifies the early translators their background if known, types of materials they translated, into what language, where and in what form the translations were published, and if there were any changes in these patters in the course of time. It also indicated how the translations were received or how they influenced later Japanese studies or interests. The third chapter presents the conclusion that the period covered is to be defined as the years of the first faltering attempts in translation.

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