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Dissertation Information for Yvonne Jeannette Chandler

- Yvonne Jeannette Chandler

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1994)

- Gwendolyn S. Cruzat

- Kenneth E. Vance
- Joan C. Durrance
- Percy Bates Jr.

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Title: Professional preparation competences for law librarianship: A survey of experts in law librarianship and private law librarians

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify and assess the professional preparation competences, that should be included in a curriculum of graduate education in library and information studies for students who wish to work in law libraries from the perspectives of a Delphi expert panel in law librarianship and a sample of private law librarians. In addition, the study determined if the expert panel and law librarians would differ in their rating of the level of importance of the competences.

"Experts" were defined as persons who had written or edited a minimum of five publications and who were active members or award recipients in professional associations. Forty-two professional preparation competences were identified by the experts. The private law librarians worked in private firms, bar associations, or corporations with primary user populations of forty or more attorneys. The librarians rated all of the competences higher in importance than the experts. The experts rated ten competences "of greatest importance," while the librarians rated nineteen "of greatest importance." There was a high level of agreement between the experts and librarians. Eight competences were rated and ranked highest by both groups. Four addressed knowledge of subject competences related to law; they were: (1) understanding of legal research methods, (2) knowledge of Anglo-American legal bibliography, (3) knowledge of computer-assisted legal research systems, and (4) understanding of the information needs of users. The experts and librarians were unified in viewing four management competences as important for future law library professionals; they were: (1) understanding of a service orientation, (2) knowledge of problem solving skills, (3) knowledge of oral and written communication skills, and (4) knowledge of interpersonal skills and relations.

The study sought to provide a source of information for curriculum planners, offering library and information studies educators a better understanding of the educational needs of future law librarians. The competences rated as most important could become the foundation for programs in law librarianship that are responsive to the demands of practitioners and students.

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