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Dissertation Information for Diane Katherine Davies Kester

- Diane Katherine Davies Kester

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) (1990)

- Evelyn Hope Daniel

- Edward G. Holley
- Barbara B. Moran
- Judith Wood
- Marilyn Lea Miller

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Modeling the school system adoption process for library networking

Abstract: The successful inclusion of school library media centers in fully articulated networks involves considerable planning and organization for technological change. No model to assist school systems in the decision-adoption process previously existed in the literature. In this study a preliminary model of the stages of school system participation in library networks was developed with the major activities for each stage identified. The model follows stages from the innovation adoption and diffusion literature and is constructed from the study of the literature, observation, and informal interviews. The model is composed of four primary aspects: technological support, financial support, human support, and activities and applications. Within each aspect, anticipated events in each of the three stages of participation in a network were identified.

The population for the study included school systems in one or more of three types of networks: OCLC vendors, state regional multitype networks, and state-wide school networks. A random sample of 674 school systems in 17 states with 3,613 school systems was drawn. A questionnaire based on the preliminary stage model was mailed to district level persons responsible for school media programs, school contact persons for the library network, superintendents, or building school library media specialists.

Descriptive statistics were used to provide a profile of the respondents by state, type of network, position of respondent, size of school district, school type, and level of involvement. Profiles by the reported level of involvement in a network were done by state and size of the school district. Chi-square and gamma coefficient tests were performed on each event in the questionnaire in relation to the level of involvement reported by the respondent.

Sixteen of the nineteen events tested in the model were significant. However, when analyzed by type of network (school vs OCLC), only 11 events were significant; and when analyzed by position of the respondent, size of the school system, and years in a network, very few events were significant.

As do other models, this one provides a guide for users to assess their own progress in the adoption of innovations and to plan for the future.

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