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Dissertation Information for Catharyn L. Roach-Reeves

- Catharyn L. Roach-Reeves
- (Alias) Catharyn Pettit Roach

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (1989)

- Herman L. Totten

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Title: Attitudes toward the contemporary role of the library media specialist in the overall elementary school program in North Central Texas

Abstract: The purpose of this study, in addition to measuring and comparing attitudes of teachers, principals and library media specialists toward the role of the school library media specialist, was to identify and measure factors contributing to those attitudes. Nine factors were identified: (1) library media specialist's performance level; (2) student response to library media activities; (3) teacher's and principal's use of materials; (4) prior instruction in library media center use as an educator; (5) relevancy of library media activities; (6) communication between the library media specialist and the teachers and principal; (7) involvement of a district-level director of media services; (8) staff development; and, (9) the library media specialist's involvement in the school-wide program.

Participants, randomly selected from eighty school districts in North Central Texas, were asked to respond to a modified version of the Role Expectations of Library Media Specialists (RELMS) Instrument. Group responses were totaled to give attitude scores and analysis of variance revealed significant differences between the attitudes of the library media specialists and the other two groups.

Factor analysis of the instrument yielded five factors corresponding to the Consultant, Technological, Instructional, Management and Clerical Roles of the library media specialist. The Clerical Role, indicated as one that the library media specialist should not assume, was dropped from the model.

Further path analysis revealed that the performance level of the library media specialist had the most influence on principals' and teachers' attitudes toward the Consultant, Technological and Instructional Roles. Ironically, performance level was the lowest indicator for library media specialists and relevancy of activities was the highest. For principals and teachers, staff development had the most influence on attitudes toward the Management Role, while involvement in the school-wide program was most influential for library media specialists.

Results suggested that all educators need more knowledge concerning the role of the elementary school library media specialist.

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