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Dissertation Information for Cathleen Norris

- Cathleen Norris
- (Alias) Cathleen Mercadante Norris

- Ph.D.

- Curricula and Teaching

- University of North Texas (USA) (1983)

- None

- None

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Abstract: "The problems with which this study is concerned are to determine the applicability of the systems analysis process to educational settings and to provide data concerning the beliefs and attitudes of educators concerning educational computing. A questionnaire was used in a case study of a medium-sized Texas independent school district to measure the beliefs and attitudes of educators toward educational applications of computers. Chi-square goodness of fit tests that use specified frequencies were applied for each statement and each corresponding distribution of responses.

The following conclusions may be drawn from the data collected for this study: (1) Although community pressure accelerated the installation of computers in all schools in the district, this community interest apparently has not extended to demands to see results of computer applications. (2) As a result of the community-demanded dissemination of computers, the school district's implementation efforts have been hindered by a shortage of trained personnel. (3) The willingness of the responding educators to learn more about computers appears to be limited to in-service training during time periods that do not impinge on teachers' free time. (4) Since these educators consider enrichment for talented and gifted students as the most important computer application, and the use of computers as a problem-solving tool for students as the least important application of computers, this appears to be further indication that the computer literacy level of teachers should be enhanced. (5) Because these educators perceive that the most important computer applications are related to areas that probably include a minority of their students (talented and gifted, reluctant, slow, and handicapped learners), it appears that these educators are overlooking the myriad ways in which computer applications can help the majority of students."

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