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Dissertation Information for Mary Theresa Ayala-Bush

- Mary Theresa Ayala-Bush

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (1998)

- Jon Young

- Amanda Spink
- Linda Schamber
- Paul Lynn Schlieve

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Title: Group decision-making in computer-supported cooperative work environments

Abstract: Computer-Support Cooperative Work (CSCW) reflects the change in emphasis from using computers to solve problems to using computers to facilitate human interactions. Most studies, however, have focused on the use of the technology rather than on the human-human interaction (HHI) in these environments due to: the varied perspectives of the investigators; and the lack of a consistent variables. Although numerous studies exist on a variety of products, only limited research has been conducted with the most prevalent of the technologies in the marketplace, Lotus Notes$\rm\sp{TM}.$

This field study, conducted using Lotus Notes$\rm\sp{TM},$ operationalizes a model proposed, but not tested, for the study of group decision-making in CSCW environments put forth by Kraemer and Pinsonneault (1990). This study examines the use of CSCW in the group decision-making process, the participation rate for group decision-making in CSCW environments, and the criteria for determining quality in group decisions in CSCW environments. The study also proposes a new perspective for examining technology using the human context, recommends extensions for the group study framework and explores areas for future research.

The results from the field study achieved several important goals. The study validated the Kraemer and Pinsonneault (1990) framework for the study of group decisions in CSCW environments; identified a major new variable not predicted by the framework--accountability; and identified the need to incorporate temporal and locational factors into the study of group decision-making in CSCW environments.

The study determined that the use of CSCW environments for group decision-making was preferred over the use of meetings and voice mail. The study also determined that there was a high participation rate in the CSCW environment and that participants were positive about the decision made using the CSCW environment.

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