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Dissertation Information for Dale Benjamin Sims

- Dale Benjamin Sims

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (2002)

- Linda Schamber
- Cathleen Norris

- Samantha K. Hastings
- Demetria Ennis-Cole

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Title: The effect of personality type on the use of relevance criteria for purposes of selecting information sources

Abstract: Problem. Even though information scientists generally recognize that relevance judgments are multidimensional and dynamic, there is still discussion and debate regarding the degree to which certain internal (cognition, personality) and external (situation, social relationships) factors affect the use of criteria in reaching those judgments. Much of the debate centers on the relationship of those factors to the criteria and reliable methods for measuring those relationships. This research is an attempt to answer two specific questions: (1) What relationship exists between personality type and use of relevance criteria? (2) What relationship exists between personality type and information source selection?

Procedure. This study researches the use of relevance criteria to select an information source by undergraduate students whose task it is to create a course schedule for a semester. During registration periods, when students were creating their semester schedules, they were asked to participate in this study. The students filled out a two-part questionnaire. The first part required them to rank, in order of importance, the information sources they used to determine their semester schedule. The second part required them to rate the importance of certain relevance criteria used in the selection of their most highly ranked information source. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

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