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Dissertation Information for Elizabeth Figa

- Elizabeth Figa
- (Alias) Elizabeth Gremore Figa

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA) (2002)

- Linda C. Smith

- Betsy G. Hearne
- Christine A. Jenkins
- Wanda Sue Pillow

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Mapping and storytelling an information system: An historical and ethnographic case study of the first circuit rider medical library program

Abstract: Jean Antes developed the first rural circuit rider medical library program in North America in the mid-1970s. This case study research presents an historical and ethnographic understanding of the life and work of Jean Antes; the history of the first rural circuit rider medical library program; and analysis of the unique workways and innovative service culture that formed a dynamic medical information system. The research draws largely upon oral history interviews with Jean Antes, artifactual and documentary materials collected, field observations and notes, and a five-year relationship between the researcher and Jean Antes. A metaphoric framework unifies the chapters with themes is drawn from theories of cartography and geosocial connectivity.

The locus of the first rural circuit rider medical library program was the William C. Beck Health Science Library and Resource Center of the Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, Pennsylvania. This innovative service was designed to expand the scope of information delivery to provide medical library services to underserved practitioners in rural areas of Pennsylvania and New York via site visits by professional librarians. Funding for the program came from a variety of in-house and external grants and a progression to a fee-for-service plan. Miss Antes also promoted the establishment of circuit rider programs elsewhere through training sessions at regional and national meetings, consultations, videos depicting the program, and sponsorship of the first National Symposium on Circuit Libraries and Shared Services. Miss Antes was recognized with awards and honors from the Medical Library Association and other organizations for her valuable contributions to the field of medical librarianship. In 1997, Jean Antes retired to be married and changed her name to Mrs. Jean Antes Pelley.

The dissertation chapters include: Introduction to the Study; Contextualization and Literature Review; Research Design and Methodology; My Faith Has Seen Me Through: An Interpretive Life and Work History of Jean Antes Pelley; Riding the Circuit: The History of the First Rural Circuit Rider Medical Library Program; Mapping Culture: Knowledge of the Map is the Knowledge of the World from Which It Emerges; and Summary and Conclusions: Storytelling an Information System.

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