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Dissertation Information for Abdulla Saleh Isa

- Abdulla Saleh Isa

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Pittsburgh (USA) (1982)

- Richard Andrew Krzys

- E. Blanche Woolls
- Wendell Wray
- Ellen Detlefsen
- James Earl Mauch

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Abstract: The primary objective of this research is to give a clear picture of the existing resources in the university libraries of Saudi Arabia, and to provide a basis for the formulation of proposed realistic minimum standards for university libraries in Saudi Arabia. These proposed standards if applied will play a very significant role in the future development of university libraries in Saudi Arabia.

In the field of university libraries not many studies have been done relating to developing countries. Since most of the developing countries have similar problems, it is hoped that this study will provide guidelines for the librarians of other developing countries to examine their own university libraries with the necessary modifications. In this sense it has the potential to be a significant contribution to the area of world librarianship.

The study is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter provides an introduction of the methodology and the need for the study. Chapter II reviews the related research and literature of standards for academic libraries. Chapter III provides a general overview of Saudi Arabian history, and socio-economic, educational and cultural background. Chapter IV discusses the higher educational system and its influence on the present state of the university libraries. Chapter V includes presentation and interpretation of data about the present state of university libraries in the country. The sixth chapter analyzed and interpreted the data concerning standards for university libraries in Saudi Arabia. A summary, conclusion, and the recommendations of the study are in Chapter VII.

The investigator invited selected librarians, library educators, and administrators from the Saudi Arabian universities to suggest tentative elements of proposed standards for university libraries in Saudi Arabia. The investigator has developed the proposed standards for university libraries in Saudi Arabia covering the following areas: objectives of the library, collections, staff, organization of materials, services, physical facilities, administration, and budget.

In developing those proposed standards, the immediate needs of university libraries in Saudi Arabia, the standards suggested by experts in the field as revealed in the literature, and the financial resources available to university libraries in Saudi Arabia, are taken into consideration.

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