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Dissertation Information for Audrey Irene Daigneault

- Audrey Irene Daigneault

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Pittsburgh (USA) (1987)

- E. Blanche Woolls

- Richard Andrew Krzys
- Wendell Wray
- Donald Shirey
- Sara Fine

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: The contents, size, and use of the elementary school library reference collection in the six New England states

Abstract: The purpose of this investigation was to gather data to determine the characteristics in terms of size, contents, and use of the elementary school library reference collection. This was an exploratory descriptive survey that did not attempt to establish causal relationships.

A questionnaire was sent to state certified school library media specialists currently employed in public elementary schools. Those professionals with less than one year of employment in their building assignment were not eligible to participate. The study was further limited because some data obtained was estimated by respondents on ratings of impressions rather than actual numeric data.

When the populaton was defined it was found that three New England states did not have lists of their media professionals, and school district superintendents were asked to supply names and school addresses. A checklist of reference titles recommended for elementary school library reference collections was developed from four standard selection aids to use as a measure of collection contents, and a questionnaire was developed and the checklist of reference titles added to it. A pilot study was conducted to test the instrument, and the revised questionnaire was mailed to a proportional random sample of the population.

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