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Dissertation Information for Taye Tadesse

- Taye Tadesse

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Pittsburgh (USA) (1988)

- William Nasri

- Richard Andrew Krzys
- E. J. Josey
- Stephen Almagno
- Carl Herbert Templin

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Title: The development of Addis Ababa University Library in the prerevolutionary Ethiopia, 1950-1974: A historical study

Abstract: The primary purpose of this study was to trace the development of Addis Ababa University Library during the years between 1950 and 1974.

The four primary questions of this research study are: (1) What was the effect of the socio-economic and political factors on the creation and development of Addis Ababa University Library from 1950 to 1974? (2) What was the influence of the course offerings at the University of Addis Ababa on the collection of the library during the period of 1950-1974? (3) What has been the relationship of Addis Ababa University Library with its parent organization and other departmental libraries during the same period? (4) What methodology has been used by the Addis Ababa University Library in determining its effectiveness in the above mentioned period?

The study used the historical method. Primary and secondary data were collected and analyzed. Interviews and extensive discussion with Library staff members, faculty members and other individuals within and outside of the University were conducted and used in the verification of the data collected and analyzed. The investigator's extensive working experience in the same Library has enabled him to bring a participant-observer's framework to the analysis of the collected data and to enhance the quality of the analysis. Published documents and reports were investigated when the researcher visited Addis Ababa University during the months of May through August 1987. The investigation was also conducted to establish the context in which higher education and libraries, particularly academic libraries, have developed in Ethiopia over the years.

Based on this study several conclusions were reached. Among the important ones were that the Addis Ababa University Library, between 1950 and 1974, have attempted to: (1) fulfill the objectives of the University in teaching and research, (2) develop a pattern of organizational structure which links the Library to the University, (3) establish financial control and departmental functions in an attempt to providing efficient services to faculty and students, (4) achieve a degree of integration between the Main University Library and its branches, (5) build library resources on Ethiopia which continues to be useful for teaching and research, within the theoretical and alien nature of the curriculum initiated at Addis Ababa University during its formative years.

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