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Dissertation Information for Mariano A. Maura

- Mariano A. Maura

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Pittsburgh (USA) (1993)

- William Nasri

- Richard Andrew Krzys
- Donald Shirey
- Anthony Debons
- Seth Spaulding

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Title: A study of the informational needs of managers in the private manufacturing industry in Puerto Rico

Abstract: Managers are key elements in operating business and industrial organizations. Operations are affected by the quality of the managers' decisions. Decision making process in turn, is influenced by the nature and relevance of the information available to managers. Therefore, the provision and utilization of information by managers has been a subject of study for many researchers.

Since managers' responsibilities and priorities change according to their management levels, it has been suggested that their information requirements and needs might also vary. This observation was the motivation for the present study. The study was based on three major areas: (1) the characteristics and differences of the information needs of the top, middle and junior managers in the Puerto Rico manufacturing industry; (2) the information resources and services used by these managers in satisfying their information needs; and (3) the managers' perception of information professionals, as related to their attributes, services and job opportunities.

The population under study comprised of 120 managers from 3 specific industrial categories in Puerto Rico: chemical/pharmaceutical,food/beverages, and electric/electronics. To be selected, the firms must have at least 400 employees. Of this population, 63 managers decided to participate in the study, which represented a 52.5 percent response rate.

Data were collected through a personally administered questionnaire. Based on the analysis of the data, 16 broad area needs were identified. The data suggested also that information needs of managers are related to these areas. Differences were found among the three managerial levels in selecting the area needs. No major difference was found in the frequency of use and confidence level attached by managers to the information resources and services they commonly use. Also found is that information services available in the participating industries were provided by MIS and EDP personnel. The absence of library and information professionals was common among these industries.

Most of the information professionals' attributes, as represented by a series of skills and functions, were rated important by the majority of the managers. However these managers attached minimal importance to the information professionals' role in their firms. This situation reflects the managers' lack of awareness of the information professionals' role since highly rated attributes were not associated with these professionals. Within this context, the potential market for information professionals in the Puerto Rican manufacturing industry was examined and suggestions were recommended.

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