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Dissertation Information for Virginia Bowden

- Virginia Bowden

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Texas, Austin (USA) (1994)

- Donald G. Davis Jr.

- Fred Roper
- Francis L. Miksa
- Claude Glenn Sparks
- Brooke E. Sheldon
- E. Glynn Harmon

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Current monograph collections: Patterns of ownership and use in four academic health sciences libraries

Abstract: This study compares the circulation patterns of separately cataloged monographs published from 1980 through 1992 that are in the collections of four academic health sciences libraries. Each of the four libraries is the library of a state university health sciences center which includes a dental school, medical school, and nursing school. The four libraries used the same integrated library system for online public access catalog and circulation control. The objective of the study is to test whether there are similar patterns of holdings and use and to identify variables that affect the use of monograph collections.

The data consist of 87,936 separately cataloged monograph titles with publication dates of 1980 through 1992 and 609,971 circulation transactions for these titles. Various statistical tests were performed. Although in no case did all libraries have similar distributions for frequency of circulation for the group of monographs tested, two libraries were not statistically different for the total group and for two of six specific classes.

In each of the four libraries there was a significant correlation between the number of monograph titles and the total circulation. The correlation with size lends support to the premise that the larger a library's current collection, the more the collection will circulate. The library with the least circulation was the library with the fewest monographs. It was not possible to reject the hypothesis for a weak or negligible relationship between circulation and the institutional variables of number of students, number of faculty, and research funding.

Patterns of ownership were consistent in that the four libraries in general collected the same subjects in relatively similar percentages in comparison to total holdings. Monographs in the WY (Nursing) class were the most used subject class, with percentage of circulation transactions exceeding percentage of holdings. Monographs in the WM (Psychiatry) class were the second most used group, with percentage of circulation transactions similar to the percentage of holdings. Monographs in the QX (Parasitology) class were the smallest group and the least circulated group.

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