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Dissertation Information for Richard Paul Bradberry

- Richard Paul Bradberry

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1988)

- Helen Lloyd Snoke
- David Hessler

- Margaret Ann Thomas Taylor
- Robert Tylore Blackburn

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Title: Multi-type undergraduate library/information science education programs in the United States

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine various characteristics of multi-type undergraduate library/information science education programs. The study explored the objectives of these programs. The program administrators were surveyed to determine which professional agency, in their opinion, should impose standards for the programs. The administrators were also asked to provide data concerning the curricula, faculty, students, and the administrative/organizational structure of multi-type programs.

This investigation was accomplished by collecting data via a mail questionnaire from twenty-five program administrators and from the catalogs of participating institutions. The data obtained were compiled and analyzed using frequencies, percentages and means.

Findings in regard to multi-type programs were: (1) Most multi-type undergraduate programs were located in public education institutions; all program administrators taught one or more courses; (2) State departments of education were listed most often by respondents as the preferred agency to accredit undergraduates library/information science education programs; (3) Most faculty members were full-time teachers and many held doctoral degrees; (4) The most frequently stated objectives of these programs were to prepare students for minimum qualifications as a school or public librarian, and to prepare students for graduate library/information science education; (5) In 1985-86, 527 students were reported to be enrolled as majors in multi-type programs, ranging from two to 51; 80% of the multi-type programs provided placement services for their graduates; 49% of the graduates were placed in school libraries, 14% in public libraries, 3% in academic libraries, 1.5% in special libraries, and 4.5% in "other" settings; (6) All programs offered courses in school librarianship; 87% offered public library courses; 52% reported courses in information science. Majors were required to take an average of 29 and 53 semester and quarter hours, respectively, in multi-type undergraduate library/information science education programs. Five programs, or 20% of the programs studied, expected to be discontinued within five years.

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