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Dissertation Information for Baris Aksakal

- Baris Aksakal

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (2005)

- Brian Clark O'Connor

- Laurie J. Bonnici
- Bradley Stewart Chilton

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Makeshift information constructions: Information flow and undercover police

Abstract: This dissertation presents the social virtual interface (SVI) model, which was born out of a need to develop a viable model of the complex interactions, information flow and information seeking behaviors among undercover officers. The SVI model was created from a combination of various philosophies and models in the literature of information seeking, communication and philosophy. The questions this research paper answers are as follows: (1) Can we make use of models and concepts familiar to or drawn from Information Science to construct a model of undercover police work that effectively represents the large number of entities and relationships? and (2) Will undercover police officers recognize this model as realistic? This study used a descriptive qualitative research method to examine the research questions. An online survey and hard copy survey were distributed to police officers who had worked in an undercover capacity. In addition groups of officers were interviewed about their opinion of the SVI model. The data gathered was analyzed and the model was validated by the results of the survey and interviews.

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