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Dissertation Information for Paul Resnick

- Paul Resnick

- Ph.D.

- Computer Science

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) (1992)

- Thomas Wendell Malone

- None

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Title: HyperVoice: Groupware by telephone

Abstract: "Many useful group communication and coordination applications appear to require large investments in portable and desktop computers. Instead, why not leverage the huge installed base of touch-tone telephones? This thesis presents user interface improvements and software tools that enhance the viability of phone-based groupware.

Skip and Scan is a new user interface style for audio documents that gives listeners some of the same control that readers gain from eye gaze shifts. In laboratory experiments, subjects selected options from Skip and Scan menus faster than from other menus. More generally, Skip and Scan begins the process of developing authoring and listening skills that harness the power of random access audio, a process that is likely to continue long after telephone sets in their current form become obsolete.

HyperVoice is an application generator for group communication and coordination applications. It includes a high-level language based on abstractions that even non-programmers can understand. From specifications in the high-level language, the HyperVoice interpreter automatically generates user interfaces that conform to the Skip and Scan guidelines. Field trials totaling more than 7000 phone calls demonstrate that HyperVoice can generate group communication applications that are both usable and useful.

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- Derek L. Hansen - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2007)
- Sean A. Mucson - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2012)
- Daniel Xioadan Zhou - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2013)

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